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    should i be worried?
    ok. i recently got a used stereo receiver as i got tired of the altec lansing speakers i had sounding like dooky.

    to i hooked the receiver to my imac with one of these and i took some of the surround speakers we had and hooked them up to the receiver. well... they still sounded like poop.

    then i remembered i had a spare set of 3-way 4x10 car speakers i wasnt using so i hooked those up. they sound AMAZING!!

    but i just have them running open air like 3" from my imac.

    Should i be worried about anything happening?

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    I'd be more worried about damaging my hearing than the iMac.... Other than not looking very good, they should be OK. Your iMac will survive.


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    No...The car speakers are like the ones in Real know made out of wood, big and can blast the neigborhood. Like the ones from the 70's.

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    lol, i was just curious because it isnt in a box. didnt know if that helped with the magnetic shielding.

    thank you.

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