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    MyBook Essential Edition Troubleshooting Help
    Alright. I have a 640GB Western Digital MyBook Essential edition. I also have an Intel iMac. I dropped it and it would come up and say it couldn't be recognized. It won't even let me erase it or format it.
    I tried to plug it in again today and a gray screen comes down over my computer and says I must restart my computer by holding down the power button. Then when it restarts it will come up again unless I unplug the hard drive. When the computer reboots it comes up with the error report and says the computer was restarted after Mac OS X quit unexpectedly. I also tried my roomates MyBook and it did the same thing.
    Why is this happening? How can I format my external so I can use it again? And is there anyway I can recover the memory on it?
    Thanks. Any help is appreciated.

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    First, hard drives do not have memory, they have disk space.

    If you dropped your WD Mybook, it's possible that you damaged the electronics on the drive. The drive itself is mounted on a controller board with an interface for USB or Firewire (whichever applies).

    It's also possible the heads were damaged in the fall. In which case data can not be read from the drive.

    Try plugging the drive into another machine - even a Win machine, and see if it can be read. It's possible the drive is damaged beyond repair in which case you'll need to replace it.


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