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Thread: Upgrading RAM in a Dell Inspiron 600m

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    Upgrading RAM in a Dell Inspiron 600m
    Ok so for portibilty I'm using a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. It has 512mb of RAM but can be upgraded to 2mb. I want to upgrade but I don't know whether to upgrade to 1gb or max it out to 2gb. I don't use any memory hog programs. Will I see a change in performance from 512mb to 1gb? How about 512mb to 2gb? Any opinions would be great.

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    Max it out to 2 gig, but its odd you have come to a Mac forum to talk about upgrading a Dell
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    As cheap as memory is these days, there really is no reason not to upgrade any system to it's max.

    It is a 4 yr old system though. If you're running one of the memory hog anti-virus programs like Norton or McAfee on it, I'd get rid of those first. Go with Antivir or AVG and see how the machine responds to that first. Along with the regular maintenance and cleaning everything that's loading at start up through msconfig.
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    No question... 2GB
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    2 gigs.

    You must not be running Vista if you have been getting by with 512 mb.

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