First, I want to apologize if this problem has already been addressed. I couldn't find it though. Anyway I just used the HD for the first time in months, encountered the same problem on SIX different MAC laptops:

- the blue light comes on, does not flicker, just stays on.
- disk not spinning up/starting up.
- doesn't mount either.
- I checked the Firewire cable, even used a different one - no change.
- I then plugged in my iPod via Firewire, to see if that port on my computer was fualty. The iPod DID work.
- Apple System Profiler detects an "Unknown Device"
- Green Light on Power Supply box is on.
- There is an odd hum that wasn't present before coming from power supply.

I am really hoping it is just the power supply!!! I have been reading that some of these power boxes can die but still provide enough power to illuminate the blue light, but not the HD itself.

Thanks in advance for your help everyone.