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    Okidata Printer Memory
    Anyone know the truth about Okidata color laser memory. They say it has special chips, only for there printers and thats way it cost $180. The machine has a PPC chip in it at 200mghz. Says on the board sdram. The specs are 256mb 144pin sdram 3.3v sodim. I paid $10 for the printer and it works great, Thought more memory would be better but not at there price.

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    That Ram type should not be expensive
    CT32M64S4W7E - 256MB, 144-pin SODIMM , SDRAM, PC133 from

    Just google 144 pin sdram 3.3v sodimm
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    All the big online memory stores say that the chips are special only for Okidata printers and the printer will not reconize non Oki memory sticks. Can not find any post in any forums where someone used "plain" memory sticks and not the so called special ones. Anyone no for shure thats true. Just thought it was strange to manufacture such sticks and get stuck with a boat load of them when the printer was discountinued. Although I only paid $10 for the printer not shure I should just put a regular stick in, should it damage the machine.

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