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    Pioneer DVR-105 install
    I just purchased a Pioneer DVR-105 internal drive to install in my Powermac G4(Gigabit Ethernet) as a "supposed" Superdrive upgrade . I've read about a firmware update from Pioneer, but that the firmware update is only available to PCs. I do have access to a PC. I was going to install it first in the Mac to see how it works, and then put it in my PC to get the firmware updates if deemed necessary. My questions are:

    1. Has anyone on this forum done the "Superdrive Upgrade" with either the Pioneer DVR-104(A04) or Pioneer DVR-105(A05)?

    2. Does this upgrade truly work in a Mac as a Superdrive with all the functionability of a standard Superdrive?

    3. Does the Pioneer DVR-105 truly work with iLife's iDVD(latest version)?

    4. Does anyone know anything about the "Pioneer firmware update" as to whether or not the Mac will need it?

    5. I have a dual boot system with two hard drives, one running OS 9.2.2 the other running OS 10.2.6. Are there any know issues that I need to know about either OS when istalling the Pioneer DVR-105?

    Any information is more than welcome....including any website links with advice.

    Good Ole Bwinches

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    Where did you purchased the Pioneer DVR-105 from?

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    SHENTECH.COM is the site where I purchased it from.

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    Hi, I just installed a Pioneer 104 model in my Sawtooth. Panther and Jag BOTH see it as a Apple supported Drive, I can burn from finder, disk utility, iTunes, iDVD, and Toast 6 ti. Just so you know it's possible.

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    dvr-105 workout?
    i was wondering how the DVR 105 worked out. Did it work with Panther? I have a G4 as well, need a DVD burner and would like to take the easiest route. Any suggestion would be very welcome.

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    dvr-105 and Jaguar on charcoal G4
    Internal installation, since installing, system experiences kernal panic's almost daily. The panic log isn't much help. Any suggestions short of yanking the drive to see if it is truly the cause (the system is pretty hard to get to). The user claims there was no driver software, the pioneer electronics site isn't much help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivers1
    Internal installation, since installing, system experiences kernal panic's almost daily.
    I swapped a DVD drive for an A0-5 and got the same kernel panics. Re connecting the ribbon cured that problem.
    10.2.6 recognised the drive as a superdrive and burning cd's and dvd's was no problem. Havn't tried re/recordable though.

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