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    Unhappy Strange problems with Apple Cinema Display...
    Hey everyone,

    Recently (well yesterday) I began to have problems with my ACD.

    Basically, it would keep turning on and off on its own. It would vary from 2 seconds on up to 30 then off again.

    I checked all the connections, which were fine, and done a couple of restarts which never did anything.

    So, I plugged in a old Dell monitor (2005FPW) and it ran fine for 45 mins of testing.

    I called Apple Customer Care, who suggested resetting resetting the PROM (cmd+alt+p+r) on the PC. This seemed to fix the problem as worked fine all last night.

    Now, I fired the PC up tonight and and something was turning the brightness up to full (normally at 50%), I could turn it down but it would shoot up again. I restarted, with the BT keyboard switched off and it still done it - buttons on the monitor didn't respond.

    10 minutes later it's running fine and has been since.

    Just wondering if any of you know what could be the problem here, the guy at Apple could only suggest resetting the PCs PROM then it would've been an exchange.

    But I don't want to go through the hassle and when it doesn't do it all the time I'm wary to send it back incase it doesn't do it.

    I also have a video of it turning on and off if these could provide a clue?

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Hi, I have experienced the same problem and all I can say is user beware. The new unibody computers and older cinema displays are incompatible. The end result for me was a fried hard drive that apple just replaced. Needless to say I am shopping for a new display.

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