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    Nas vs firewire drive
    I've done some googling on this and concensus is that it depends on your network. Well I have comcast here in NJ and it sucks. My network connection is constantly dropping and my stupid NAS is always disconnecting. I didn't know the internet connection would effect the NAS.

    I have a d-link dns 321 and I am not entirely sure why I wanted to get a NAS in the first place, I think because I may have been using my pc at that point next to my mac and wanted access to both devices but now my pc is dead so meh.

    Would I be better off getting something like this? (*) Newer Technology Guardian MAXimus RAID... (GM8U2KIT0GB) at OWC

    And connecting via firewire 800 to avoid the network problems? Would it be faster/better then the nas?


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    your problem has to be in your router or computer. you dont even need internet to use a NAS.

    but also i have tried many NAS units and ended up going back to an external HDD because even with gigabit NAS and router i found the external to be faster for read/write.
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    I figured as much, thanks for the response.

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