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    Wrapping an external hd in plastic wrap
    I know this is really dumb but i want to protect the finish of my wd passport (black and shiney) until I can get a protective cover from some where, would wrapping it in plastic wrap screw with the head distribution at all or is it essentially the same thing as the plastic static that would eventaully surround it?

    Also anyone have any resources for plastic that would work to cover it that I can buy in maybe bulk and cut myself? I know zagg sells a wrap around but its 21 bucks for this crap.

    No flames please, legit question.

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    It won't hurt it, just don't cover any vent holes. The actual drive mechanism is completely encased within the enclosure anyway. You just don't want to block any vents that allow for airflow around the mechanism.
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    ah good ok, its not covering any vents, doesn't look like there are any vents on this thing anyway its a small 2.5'' drive

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