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    Cinema 20", one week and already dead
    hi there

    i just received my powermac G5 friday (18.2.05), including a cinema display 20".

    now, while i was surfung, the monitor turned off.

    the LED in the corner (the white one), flashes, but nothing else.

    the screen is still recognized, cause if i'm on the sysprefs i see, there is a second screen.

    okey, i checked the apple troubleshooting sheet, and i saw "If you see a sequence of two short flashes and a long flash, the monitor is detecting a problem with a backlighting lamp. Contact an Apple-authorized dealer or service provider for additional information about resolving the problem."

    exactly what the LED does.

    okey, i've got a problem with the backlight, but wft bad quality screen is this?! :mad:

    any other idea, what to do with the screen?
    it's realy a **** right now, cause i have realy hard to work this week on my computer, and just with one screen it sucks.

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    Take it back to your local apple store, if you have one.

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    yes i know, this would be the best, but the problem is, that i can't handle without a second screen while the next 4 days.

    i'll have to do much with photoshop and illustrator, and things like this suck on just one screen.

    first, i had to wait a half year for the G5, than, the screen dies.

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