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    Question Regarding international plugs and apple world adapter kit
    Hi there!

    I'm leaving for China in a couple days and plan on bringing my iPod, along with that standard box-shaped charger. I bought this apple world travel adapter kit a while back when I went to england, and it worked fine: all I had to do was switch out the US plug on my charger with the england one.

    Apple World Travel Adapter Kit - Apple Store (U.S.)

    i plan on doing the same thing, except for the China one this time.

    However, I'm reading on the internet that Chinese plugs look like this:

    However, the apple plug looks like this:

    Can someone please clarify this, somewhat quickly please? I must have my iPod charging this trip!

    Thanks a lot!!

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    Well I just took a look and it appears that there are 3 different kinds of outlets in China. Look here...

    Electricity Around the World

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