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    This may be a daft question, but I'm about to purchase a new MacPro and was wondering if it was worth me getting a second superdrive?

    Can I copy direct from one drive to another, thus removing the need to copy the files to my hard drive first? And does this work if I need to duplicate a DVD movie (e.g. promotional presentations etc) or an Audio CD (e.g. a collection of radio ads)?

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    Burn software usually gives you the option to 'copy' or 'duplicate'. Therefore, two optical drives should you enable you to transfer files but via appropriate software (eg. Toast or Burn or Disk Utility).

    Have you considered using an external portable hard drive instead of a second optical drive; or do you need to have optical media to play back whatever you've recorded? Your examples don't suggest an obvious audience, but if you're duplicating music from the radio ads, then you will need to burn the tracks in a format that a CD player will recognise and play - unless of course you're using an .mp3 player.

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