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JohnOliver 04-03-2009 11:30 AM

External Hard Drive Issue

I have just purchased a portable external hard drive as I want to ability to move large files between my Macs and PC's.

The Hard Drive I purchased is a Prestigio 160GB. I have formatted this on my Power Mac G4 as FAT32. This now works fine on my Power Mac G4, and also on my PC running Windows XP. However.. my PowerBook G4 will not see the drive - either via USB or across a network. I have reformatted the drive to Mac OS (Journaled) - and the PowerBook G4 will then recognise it.. BUT.. the PC doesn't!!

My PowerMac is running OSX v 10.5.4
My PowerBook is running OSX v 10.5.6
And my PC is running XP Professional.

Surely the slightly newer version on the Powerbook isnt causing the problem?

Can anyone help - all I want is a HD that can be recognised by all my machines :(

Many thanks in advance!

JohnOliver 04-06-2009 04:32 AM

What a disappointing response :( But thanks for looking.

I'll try another forum.

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