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    can more ram be added to my computer?
    I am new at this forum and need some help please. I have a 400MHZ Power PC G4 with 512MB SDRAM. Under my memory slots I have:

    Memory slot.........Size.........Type............Speed

    OK, question is, can more ram be added to my computer? How much in each slot? And where is the best place to order it online? Can I add this myself?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give me.


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    iMac i5 2.7GHz, 16GB memory, OS 10.11.1.
    Your machine will handle up to 2GB memory in four x 512MB modules. Adding the memory is easy and OWC is one of the best places for Mac memory. PC's use different memory and won't work in a Mac:-

    512MB PC133 CL3 3-2-2/PC100 CL2 2-2-2 1... (OWC133SD512328) at OWC

    Here is a how to for installing memory. The model shown is a later model with only three slots for memory, but it works exactly the same for your four slotter:-

    Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio/Gigabit Ethernet): Installing or Replacing Memory

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    Quote Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
    PC's use different memory and won't work in a Mac:
    Your not referring to all Macs are you? I'm running "PC" ram and it works fine. A lot of the time "Mac" RAM is just overpriced RAM.
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    iMac i5 2.7GHz, 16GB memory, OS 10.11.1.
    There is a huge difference between your machine vansmith and the model referred to by the poster. In older G4's, it is necessary to use low density memory and off the shelf PC memory, whilst much cheaper, is usually high density and causes problems.

    Newer Mac users do not understand about the different density of memory. As a rule of thumb the newer your Mac the closer the compatability to generic memory becomes.

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    What Harry is really talking about is more modern High Density RAM chips on some of the newer especially PC133 modules. Those will not work on the older G4 Powermacs at all and in fact will not work on a lot of older PII and even some PIII motherboards.

    If you go with ram from OWC for your PowerMac you can't go wrong as they will for sure send you the proper RAM.

    There was a time when New Egg told in the specs if the RAM used High Density Chips but lately I see no mention at all. Go with OWC! Be safe!

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