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    Unhappy creature II problems?
    I was just wondering if anybody else has encountered alot fo problems with their JBL creature II speakers? First one of my girlfriends speakers ahd comptely stopped working...others would work in its place but not the individual speaker. Just this evening one of mine has stopped working, the light is showing, i can mute th other speaker from it, but it wont allow me to change the volume (cant actually say it ever has!) and no no sound comes out.

    Any ideas?

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    Talking I have a possible solution...
    Hi! I thought that my volume controls on my right speaker was skrewed up too, but by coincidence, I had one hand on my titanium powerbook g4 and the other hand I was handling the volume controls... it worked. I guess the metal "grounded" me and the special circuits on the speaker finally responded. I had your same problem. Just one evening, it stopped working. I could mute it, but not change the volume. Please try it (touching some source of metal while touching the volume controls) It works for me. :doctor:

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