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    Adding More RAM?
    Hi Everyone,

    This might be a question everyone has seen, but I have a question regarding adding memory. here goes.

    I bought the 8 core machine that comes with 2 gig.

    ONe on top, one on the Bottom. (both are 1 gig sticks) (in the dimm 01 slot)

    today, i purchased two 2gig sticks.. so a total of 6 gigs.

    This is how I install the RAM.

    (top) (slot 01 and slot 02) are (two 2 gig)
    bottom (slot 01 and slot 02) are (two 1 gig)

    My question is... (did i do this right?) is there a different configuration that I am not aware of?


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    Don't understand why you only have 2 gb RAM. I just bought an 8-core machine and it had 6x1gb sticks. The base machine that Apple sells has 6gb??

    Read chapter 3 starting on page 35

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    i just wanted to know if the configuration is correct.
    manuel will not tell me this

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