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    Question what phone to go with a Mac?
    I plan to buy a new macbook in the next few weeks, I also need a new phone so that I can access my email and particiapte in my class discussions when I am away from home ( ie: sitting by the pool watching my kids this summer) , do blackberrys sync well with Macs? will I be able to transfer my info and download files to my phone if I buy a blackberry? ( from my mac) or do I need an iphone to do that. I have heard a ton of conflicting things about the iphone and am not sure if I really need to spend the money.I use tmobile as my carrier and right now I can get a great deal on a blackberry. so...opinions , suggestions?? any help greatly appreciated!

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    You can certainly sync a Blackberry with a Mac. While BB's own Mac software is known to be cumbersome, there is a program called "The Missing Sync" that's supposed to work quite well:

    BlackBerry Sync Mac - Bluetooth sync for BlackBerry and Mac with iTunes, Entourage, iCal and iPhoto
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    I used to have a Blackberry and in all honesty, I absolutely hated it. I got an iPhone within a few weeks of their introduction, and I can tell you the hype is largely well-earned. What shortcomings it may have now WILL be taken care of in the upcoming 3.0 software release. Of particular interest... now that Apple will let apps interact with the docking port, you'll likely see the ability to dock the iPhone on portable keyboards for times you need a full keyboard. And much much more than that.

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    Blackberrys and Macs can play nice but they're temperamental. For me, a Blackberry runs circles around an iPhone, so I put up with it. To be fair, ATT sucks eggs in Phoenix so it isn't like I have a choice anyway unless I want to unlock.

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    I use the Palm Centro (waiting for the Pre) and it syncs perfectly. I use Missing Sync. Mail can be set up on the phone and calendar and rest sync also. Have had no problems.

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    I use both, the iphone and blackberry. I use pocketmac for the blackberry which is free. The iPhone is the easiest to use with the mac. Here is my thoughts on it. If you want organization and get things done and email is important, get a blackberry. A blackberry is a business class phone. If you want a phone that is fun and cool to get on the internet with and play video's and such, get the iphone. BIS on the blackberry cannot be beat onless you have mobileme on your iphone. BES (blackberry enterprise server) beats out mobileme. I run bes on my blackberry and mobileme on my iphone. They both have their benefits. There is more apps for the iphone but the blackberry has just launched app world and should be catching up soon. It all depends on what you need out of the phone.

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