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    Talking trying to set up a scanner
    Need some help

    Have been trying to set up a scanner.

    there is an option for custom scan settings.

    When i set the properties the Ok or Apply button is too far down the screen below the level of the widgets.

    I can not seem to find an option to resize the window to allow me to confirm the settings

    please help

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    Okay one more time, this time use full stops and commas. I have no idea what that all means.
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    Sorry B&O have edited it now hope this makes some sense

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    can you not drag with "window" up farther, or does it take up too much space. and i believe you are referring to the dock not widgets.

    my suggestion would be to change yoru can always change it back

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    Changing your resolution may work only if you aren't at the highest possible resolution yet. If you are at the highest possible resolution and it is still off screen, any resolution change is only going to exacerbate the problem.

    If the buttons are behind the dock, you can hide the dock to access the buttons. Right click the dock itself (not an icon) and choose "Turn Hiding On". You can always turn this off later if you choose.
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    Thank you All
    Thank you all for the help

    Job Done

    Adjusted the resolution while i needed to get at the ok button and put the dock to the side of the page

    Happy Man

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