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    external monitor problem

    Just bought my first Mac, a MacBook Pro 15" 2.93 which is gorgeous but it has one problem with is driving me mad. I cannot get it to work with my external monitor.

    I have a Hyundai 24" wide screen 1920 x 1200 monitor which is basically a Samsung screen in a different box. I cannot get the MacBook to run at anything more than 1920 x 1080, that his the highest option it offers me even though it identifies the monitor correctly. This is causing the monitor to flicker dreadfully and is unusable.

    I am running the MacBook plugged into the mains with a mini-DVI adapter and the lid down. It seems to all be set up correctly.

    Can anyone help

    Many thanks


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    I find this amazing as the specifications clearly allow the desired resolution, which is 16:10 just as the MacBook.
    Maybe need to check for a new driver for the monitor.

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    I'm assuming you're going from the mini DVI adapter to a DVI cable to the monitor? If so, try using a mini DVI adapter to VGA and then in to the VGA port on the monitor. See if that will increase the resolution. Your MBP can certainly go a lot higher but it seems it's not properly detecting the native resolution of the monitor.


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