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    Question Uninstalling Software
    Really not sure where to post this so i foudn this one and posted it here.

    I am new to mac, and i have a quick question.

    How do i go abouts uninstalling Programs and software from my MAC.

    I am using MAC OS 9

    Anyhelp would be appretiated.

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    Just drag and drop the program/software to the trash.
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    You could also use sherlock to search for all the files by just typing the name of the program in, deleting the files and then type the name of the program makers in and do the same. Make sure that you don't delete anything from other programs, If your not sure then leave it where it is. The only benefits of doing it this way is that you get rid of the extensions and preference files from the program. Rmans suggestion is just as good and easier.

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    Well isnt there an uninstall file that gets installed with the software itself.

    I know windows does it and it also i appears in the add remove programs

    I know mac doesnt have an add remove program. But i thought there was an uninstall file that came with the instalation or that was on the CD

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    some apps do, most os x installers include uninstallers now.

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    thank you for the help with this

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