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Thread: MacBook 13.3 2ghz Combo Drive Problems

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    MacBook 13.3 2ghz Combo Drive Problems

    I have just bought a second hand MacBook. The guy told me at the time that the battery was bust but he didnt mention that the combo drive was also not working. I realised this when i inserted a cd into the drive, the mechanism sucked the cd in like normal but no cd icon came up anywhere. then i checked in system profiler and it said "No burning device was found. If you are using an external device please make sure that it is connected and powered properly." But there is definately a drive fitted. I have checked on the apple website and i am pretty sure i have the latest firmware installed. I would be really grateful for any suggestions.



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    It's possible the drive is defective and no longer shows up in System Profiler. Have you tried to play an already recorded music or video CD\DVD to see if you get anything at all? If not, the drive will probably have to be replaced.

    Replacement drives can be found on eBay or web resellers like OWC. Apple exact replacement drives tend to be a bit expensive.


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