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Thread: UK Freeview in Australia on an iBook?

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    UK Freeview in Australia on an iBook?
    I was wondering if anyone has an answer to the UK freeview stick receiving in Australia?

    I was thinking of buying a Miglia TV Mini2 USB TV Tuner for my Dad's iBook to see if it could receive UK freeview in OZ.

    I've read a few forums that describe the problem with 8hz and 7hz frequency problems, yet others say if the device (for example a new TV with built in freeview), it would work....

    Please give me your experience / advice on this.


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    Mar 13, 2009
    I had a DVB to VGA box a while ago, made by avermedia. That had various settings you could change for different countries, so I guess it's possible for a UK tuner to work with Oz TV (not sure if you have digital yet). If you're asking if it'll receive UK TV in Oz, then I think you'll be out of luck, I'm pretty sure the signal won't carry that far.
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