Hi all,

I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, so I figured I'd try here at the peripherals forum.

Ok, so I'm a recent switcher. a lot makes sense, some will take time to learn, etc.

Due to money constraints, a few software titles and 2 games I can't get for mac, I have to use bootcamp to get into windows. Well, in this, I would like to replace the standard aluminum keyboard that came with my mac pro.

1) I want different feeling keys (I'm used to a "standard" keyboard set of buttons, so the low profile flat ones feel wierd to type on)
2) I want a keyboard that is wireless. BT preferred so I don't have to have a RF dongle hanging off the back (or front) of my beautiful mac
3) I want a keyboard that has both windows and OSX/mac markings to make quick changing easy. Most of the time I'll be in OSX - I could get away with just OSX key markings once I have the conversions memorized.

My problem is finding the keyboard. Most keyboards that I seem to come across for Mac are not bluetooth. I have a logitech MX5000, but have read horror stories about it not working with osx and LCC only working with usb keyboards and mice.

So does anyone have any recommendations for keyboards with larger keys - at least the mac markings, and bluetooth? Keyboard/mouse combos are cool with me- but I really want to be able to go and check them out. Unfortunately, I'm kinda in the sticks so getting to a place isn't always easy