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Thread: Memory Modules question

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    Memory Modules question
    I have 2- 512MBmemory mudules from my 20"iMacG5 that I replaced a few years back Actually Apple replaced them. They have been sitting in a draw doing nothing. What I am wondering is there a way to use these it's only about a little over a GB but rather than waste them, are they usable for anything? Is there a devise that I can plug these in other than putting them back in the iMac, and that's not needed. I have a new 24" 1TB-HD with 4GB ram memory now I'd hate throws these away anyone with ideas?

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    This link to OWC shows what the modules are compatible with, but the new price is so cheap they may not be worth very much. Try the Buy,Sell and Swap forum here on Mac Forums:-

    512MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz 240 Pin DIMM... (OWC4200DDR2M512) at OWC

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    Thank you!

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