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Thread: Remote access to Surveillance DVR by Macs?

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    Remote access to Surveillance DVR by Macs?
    I'm looking for a surveillance system where we can remotely access (Ethernet/Internet) the system/DVR using Macs. So far, all the systems I've found use ActiveX which requires Micro$oft Internet Exploder.

    Anyone know of any systems that will work with Macs?

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    I've tried it but not tried the remote aspect of it.
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    Get ActiveX to work on Mac
    You said that ActiveX requires "Internet Exploder"? (very funny joke, btw) There's always ies4osx, which is mostly used for programming purposes. But you'll have to download Darwine first. Both are completely free.

    P.S. after installing Darwine you can run almost any Windows program seamlessly on your Mac.

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