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    What laser printers work with OS 10.4.11?
    Hi, I am writing to find an ideal laser printer for my MAC. One that works with OS 10.4.11

    Black ink only, I don't need color. Just a simple sturdy, reasonably priced machine that doesn't cause me software conflict problems. Any help or feedback appreciated.


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    I have a laserwriter 4/600. it's a appletalk printer that I have connected through a dayna etherprint. prints perfect. bought it for $25 on craigslist. 10.4 has drivers for most printers, even old legacy printers like mine. look around see what you can find, or buy a new HP if you have lots of $$.

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    In a word - Brother! I was commissioned 3 years ago to run several tests on home-use mono laser printers. The Brother was the most reliable, although Oki ran a close second (once we found a Mac-compatible driver).

    Be advised - laser printers cost more than inkjet initially, but they're cheaper to run until you need to buy a new master unit. Depending on level of use, that might not occur until you've done 15000 pages or something. Toner is not expensive, but it can be messy to deal with.

    I operate a Brother HL2040 with eMac/OS 10.4.11. Not a single significant problem in over two years of operation, just the occasional envelope jam. A bit on the noisy side maybe.

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    For years I've used an HP LaserJet 1200 with no problems. It's currently shared via Airport Extreme Base Station. I've also used a LaserJet 2100 with Macs, no problems. One of the two required the postscript DIMM to function, can't remember which but once I added it there were no additional problems.

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    Agreed completely with Hugh! I also have a Brother HL-2040. Most reliable printer I have ever owned.

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