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    HDD enclosure for my existing Macbook Pro HDD
    Hi guys,

    I just replaced my MacBook Pro's hdd with a beefy 320gb drive (from 120gig) and I wanted to know if there is a particular hdd enclosure I need to buy for my existing MacBook Pro hdd, as I want to use it as a backup drive.. but, the HDD SATA 2.5 inch docking station I purchased doesn't work with my MacBook Pro HDD, it actually doesn't detect it as a HDD and basically nothing happens?

    Any suggestions?


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    If the HDD enclosure\docking station you bought is for SATA, it should work. Is the enclosure self powered or does it use USB port power? Some enclosures that use USB port power require too much power and do not work correctly. If that happens the drive will not mount. But usually when that occurs, you'll get a warning from the system.

    This device will work for any drive.


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