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maurajbo 02-06-2009 05:14 PM

Scanner recommendations
I need a scanner with OCR that is highly compatible with Mac OS X version 10.4.11 and MS Word 2004 for Mac version 11.5.3.

My company currently owns an HP scanjet 3970 scanner, but sometimes when the scanner software opens MS Word, I get an error message. It's hard to troubleshoot, because most people use this scanner with Windows. HP does not have any driver updates as far as I can tell.

Anyway, has anyone had good experience with a particular scanner? It must be low to medium priced. Nothing EXTREMELY expensive.

hughvane 02-07-2009 01:13 PM

1. Epson
2. Go here to see Muenster's post asking for scanner recommendations.

maurajbo 02-10-2009 04:53 PM

The reviews are very helpful. The only thing that sucks is that most of them don't mention how accurate the scanner is. One of the annoyances with our current scanner is that it doesn't correctly read small text and there are lots of fonts it can't read that well. I wish the reviews mentioned this.

But they are very useful nonetheless.

hughvane 02-10-2009 05:13 PM

What OCR program do you have installed/operating as part of the scanning process, eg. Abbyy, ExperVision, OmniPage or ReadIris? From memory, Epson installs OP as part of its suite of software on the Mac. OPPro is better than its cheaper (sometimes complimentary) cousin, plain OP (which may have been phased out).
See Optical Character Recognition - compare the options here reviews.

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