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Thread: Mac HDD in a external enclosure doesn't give permission to read some files

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    Mac HDD in a external enclosure doesn't give permission to read some files
    My Macbook 13.3" Os x 10.tiger has logic board dead. I removed hard drive and put in a external enclosure to recovery my important files. I don't have friends with Mac and I have tried read it on Linux. My user account on Mac had password and some folders I changed on ("get info") owner and permission as: Owner: my user (read and write)
    2nd user: read only
    others: no access
    Can anybody help me how to change permission on Linux for that especific case or if can only use another Mac is possible to change that again?

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    You can probably do it from the Linux terminal but unless you're familiar with how, I suggest you find someone with a Mac and hook the drive up that way.

    If you think you can do it from the Linux terminal, see the following:

    Linux Command Directory: Index


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    you can take a crack at it from the command line:

    1) open a terminal window
    2) navigate to the root directory of your external drive
    3) chown -R user:usergroup ./ (where user = your username and usergroup = some group that you're a part of)
    4) chmod -R 777 ./

    that should make it accessible again, good luck... fyi, if that data is sensitive and you don't want other people to look at it, I'd learn how to set permissions again after you copy it somewhere else.
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