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    MacBook (white) with 2,4GHz, 4GB RAM and 250GB HDD running Leopard
    Connect MacBook with TV problem

    I am proud owner of a MacBook (first model), 2,4GHz, 4GB RAM and 250GB HDD. I think that doesn't affect the problem I have at all.

    Recently I bought an official Apple mini DVI to VGA adapter on amazon. Due to the fact that I am in Japan now and we have this awesome TV here I wanted to connect my MacBook to it. So I used the following configuration: MacBook => miniDVItoVGA => VGAtoVGA => TV's VGA input.

    My MacBook recognizes the TV (it's a SONY BRAVIA KDL 46F1) as "SONY TV" but the TV can't show the screen of my MacBook. The menu point for PC input is greyed out and it says something in Japanese I can't read.

    I switched through all the resolutions of the MacBook and tried mirrored and 2 screen options.

    For some other guys in my dormitory (with Windows notebooks) it works fine, for some it doesn't. Maybe they just have a resolution problem but I tried them all.

    I hope you have some good advice for me.


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    Jan 27, 2009
    Kanazawa (Japan)
    MacBook (white) with 2,4GHz, 4GB RAM and 250GB HDD running Leopard
    Nothing? I googled around and searched this forum but nothing worked for me or it was the same configuration I use... So come on guys. I know you know.

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    I have a Sony Bravia KDL26L5000 that I just hooked up to my MacBook. I used a DVI to HDMI cable with an Apple adapter for the mini DVI to DVI. The little adapter went into the miniDvi slot on my Mac and the HDMI went into a particular HDVI slot on the back of TV. In Display preference on MacBook had to select Mirror. At first TV says no signal, but just wait a minute or two. Eventually my desktop showed up on the TV screen.

    For audio used stereo 1/8" RCA audio cable with one end into Mac headphone jack and the into the two white and red audio plugs into the corresponding white and red inputs under the HDMI slot on the back of TV. Make sure your volume on the computer and TV are turned on.

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    Also, since we are reviving this thread, two other things occur to me:
    1 Check the TVs documentation to see if it requires computer output to come through a specific port in the TV (HDMI2, VGA, etc),
    2. Find out the TVs native resolution and set your MacBook to generate that resolution. Under DVI and HDMI the resolution is usually auto-detected but under VGA this can be an issue.
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