I had to re-build my G3 after installing an additional 80gb internal HD. Before this happened I was happily printing to my Epson 850ne via an ethernet hub, but now since I have installed all new system software and got everything else to work I tried to add a printer to the list and the machine refuses to see it out there. I know it's probably something stupid I'm not doing but I'm having complete brain freeze.

Set up:
G3 (G4-500 via Sonnet CPU) 648mb RAM, OS X (10.2.8) Asanté 5 port ethernet hub (Road Runner) and the Epson 850ne

I've checked all the cables, shut down, started Epson first then booted Even re-installed the software into Classic hoping that would help but the Print Center just can't see the printer! Ive tried Apple Talk network Epson Apple Talk IP printing, etc, it's just not there.

Edit (2/22/05): I have contacted Epson and downloaded a utility that allowed me to change the IP address of the Epson. The utiility sees the printer, I can "ping it" succesfully and add it to the Printer list in OS X/ When I try to print a document the printer says "Printing 10%, 20, 37% etc." then I get the "Printing Stopped" and thats it. The file is not deleted but it won't print. I try to start printing, and it says "Attmpting to connect to Printer............ " and just sits there with the status bar going but nothing else happens. I let it go for an hour once but it was hopeless.
I can print from Classic in any application to the Epson but for some reason the OS X just won't print.