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Thread: Connecting a Macbook to a HDTV

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    Connecting a Macbook to a HDTV
    I want to connect a HDTV to a white Macbook (core duo 2ghz) running Leopard.

    I was thinking I'd need a Mini DVI to DVI dongle, a DVI cable and a DVI to HDMI adapter plug (although I know there is more than one way to skin this cat). I would also have to create a custom resolution for the HDTV using something like SRX.

    I'm going for a new TV rather than a big monitor as it's cheaper and means the computer doesn't have to be present for the TV to be watched.

    Please do not suggest AppleTV - I'm looking for the minimum in boxes and plugs in my living room!

    My questions:

    1, Anyone tried this? Does it work? Can the Macbook graphics card output custom resolutions of 1366x768 or 1080x1920? They're not specified as being supported, but then neither are any custom resolutions.

    2, Does the maximum supported resolution of the secondary monitor increase if the laptop is in clamshell (lid closed, primary display off) mode?

    3, I've been using a S-Video connector to connect the laptop to my current TV and the image is way off centre. I'm assuming this will be rectified if I use a digital connection.

    many thanks for any advice offered.


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    1. yes it works. the max resolution would be 1920 by 1200
    2. no
    3. your picture will be incredibly better than s-video. i suggest you lessen your adapters and just get a mini-DVI to female HDMI adapter and then all you need is the HDMI cable. one like this.
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    Works like a champ. I used a 1080p HDTV as my secondary monitor with Lightroom on my mbp for a while. Like fletch suggested, you can simplify your cable setup and go straight from mini-DVI to HDMI.

    If need be, you can also pick up an HDMI coupler and a massive HDMI to HDMI cord to get serious length.

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    Hey, thanks all, much appreciated!

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