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Thread: Need Help with eMac 700mhz new OS installation

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    Need Help with eMac 700mhz new OS installation
    I am preparing to replace the original 40gb HD with a 250gb HD. I am unfamiliar with the process of doing a new Install of OS X Tiger. Do I just insert the install DVD onto the machine, and let install DVD guide me through the install, including formatting the new drive? Or is it more complicated than this? Will f12 still work to eject the optical drive without any OS present?. I want to get this done within the next couple of days or so, as I am starting college, and will be needing it for schoolwork. I know I could probably clone my current install, but I just would prefer to do a brand new install on an unformatted drive. Any help with procedures on how to do this would be greatly appreciated....

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    Insert your Tiger install disk and boot the machine with it. After it boots, select Disk Utility from the top menu. Highlight the new drive and prepare it as one partition formatted to HFS+. Be sure to name the drive Macintosh HD. After that, continue with the install of the Tiger OS and included software. And yes, the disk can be ejected.


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    Thanks for your response. That is a exactly what I needed to know..

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    Complete success
    I was able to successfully install operating system on new hard drive. However, I had to install from external dvd player, by hitting command option shift delete. f12 would not work for me without os. during installation I realized that I could pull apple cover down, and manually eject the drive through the pin hole. oh well. partitioned and formatted drive just like you said. Thanks again fro your help.

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