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    Unhappy HELP!!!Apple Cinema Display 22" M8149
    OK, to set this up, I have had my power mac g4 for about 2 years. Computer works fine, it's the display that is starting to mess with me now.
    About 1 month ago, as I was rendering and left the screen alone, I noticed that the screen just went black, the power light started to shine really really brightly and steadily(not blinking)
    I have had this problem a couple of times before with that type of power light signal, but that was due to sudden blackouts or power outtages, and I was able to fix that by waiting a few hours and disconnecting the power cord to teh mac and ACD, then reconnecting the ACD and power cord.
    Now whenever I try to plug the display back in, all I get is the really bright power light shining and nothing else. And I have tried unplugging everything and then replugging everything and still nothing. As soon as I plug the ACD in or the power cord to the mac when nothing is on, the power button on my ACD immediatley turns on its high beam
    I have searched literally dozens of forums and no one seems to have the same problem as me, just blinking or amber lights, but not a steady bright light.
    I even read that it might have to do with the CMOS battery or a loose graphics card. So I replaced the battery and reseated everything that I could within the mac just in case anything was loose, and I still get the intense white power light and a black screen.
    There has been a day or two within the month that the light won't immediately go on when I plug either the Mac or the ACD in and it will work normally....for about a couple of hours, and then shut off again on its own,
    This leads me to believe that there is hope that I can fix it on my own. I just need the right knowledge and I am hope anyone on here can help

    Thank you in advance

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    It would appear the ACD is intermittent possibly caused by a defective power supply within. Repairing a defective power supply would be difficult. Usually, and I'm assuming the Apple ACDs are no different, LCD power supply units and components are molded or encapsulated to a module encased in the monitor.

    Just in case it could be computer related, you might attach the LCD to another machine and see if you get the same result. You may have to take it on in to Apple and have them look at it. I have no idea what they'll charge for a repair if the ACD is no longer under warranty. The repair cost may not make it worthwhile.


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