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    new monitor and wacom advice? ;-)
    i need to buy a new monitor and a wacom clone for running off my 17" laptop.

    please could i have some advice- i cant afford to buy mac ones, but want the best i can get for illustration use.

    the monitor will need to be a good colour match, 20'' plus, and about £100-£150.
    the tablet will be a4 or larger, and must be really good- i can do about £200-300. not sure if i can get actaul wacom or have to settle for a cheaper tablet for that price.
    i have no idea of which tablet to get- how do i choose?
    does all the necessary stuff- software etc? -come with tablets?

    following the nightmare ive had with my cancom 'reconditioned' laptop (screen dead in 4 months) i will NOT be buying second hand!
    cheers! ;-)

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    I don't think there are any monitors that come out of the box that are spot on color accurate. Even if there were they would cost at least 2 grand plus. You have to do this yourself using software or by other means.

    As for the tablet you probably can afford a real Wacom tablet. The Intuos3 9X12" is close to your price range.

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    As for Wacom tablets, you can get plenty on ebay, and they are usually much cheaper than new
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