Hey all,

I looked at the past threads regarding the iSight and other webcams but there seems to be no definitive answer for me as what web cams to pick up. I will be buying my sister a web cam for her birthday so we can stay in touch better (I'm in Germany with my iBook, and she is in Canada with a Dell Desktop). We both have high speed access. I'm leaning towards getting myself an iSight but would appreciate receiving some cheaper suggestions for my own purchase.

More importantly, what webcam should I get my sister? I would prefer one that can be used on both a Mac and PC. If it had a built in mic that would be nice as well. Quality picture and sound is also important. Reasonable price wouldn't hurt either. I know, I ask for a lot.

It is my understanding that I can use iChat to conference with her if she uses AIM. Is this right? Is this what you would suggest as the best way to conference for us?

I really appreciate your feedback.