Hi All

First of all I realise this is a forum for Mac users (i am one) but i need some help, have posted this message on a pc forum but nothing.

I'm trying to help out a family member with his computer problem but have limited experience, its a bit long winded but here goes:

He has a laptop running Windows 2000, the laptop is about 6/7 years has NO dvd/cd burner & NO External Hard Drive (until upto yesterday when i bought one)
He also had over 5000 songs on his iTunes library and a 2nd generation ipod mini (which is on the blink) and obviously no where to back up. I bought the external hard drive thinking it would be a case of copying his iTunes library to the external hard drive and then making sure the iTunes program would be diverted to the hard drive too.

Ok with me so far? hard drive was recognised by laptop I went to the Itunes and under advanced tab change the settings for the drive to E: (no folder name (is this correct??) I then went to the documents and settings/admin/my music/itunes/itunesmusic and copied the library to the External Hard drive (E started ok then only managed to copy 9 tracks when program froze, error message can up but it was so long cant remember what it said (sorry) so had to restart laptop and try again....3 times later got to 11 tracks - again the program froze. The hard drive i bought runs from a power source & a 2.0 usb - the laptop usb hub is a 1.1 - I have a 2.0 hub i can give him but would it solve the problem????

To make matters worse (i think) another error message came up after the iTunes program crashed, it said;
***STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x00000000,0x00000002,(0x00000000,0xB7904D09)

What will this mean for my family member? Lose all his library??I'm hoping that the 2.0 usb hub will make the transfer quicker and therefore will not crash but i have no idea what this error message means.
Please could someone share ideas