Hi all,

I have a brand new 24 inch iMac and I love it! However, I am having a terrible time trying to set up an external monitor. I have a LaCie 19 inch monitor. I have the mini-DVI adapter, which I have connected to the monitor's DVI-D cable. The iMac recognizes the external monitor, but the monitor keeps saying 'No Signal'. I have tried different resolutions on the LaCie, and tried mirroring the desktop, but no luck getting anything on the external monitor.

As far as I can tell, the iMac thinks everything is working - the LaCie shows up in System Preferences > Displays, and I can change the resolution of the LaCie using the Display Preferences from the iMac, but there's no image on the LaCie! The LaCie is plugged in, it has power, but no signal. Am I missing something obvious about setting up an external monitor on the iMac? Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a signal on the external monitor? Thanks.