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    Logitech MX Revolution settings
    I bought a Logitech MX Revolution to replace the (not-so) Might Mouse. Do many people here have one?

    If so how have you configured the buttons and the scroll speed and acceleration? I'm finding it's either way to responsive in Firefox or way to slow.

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    Hey, kinda late i know but... I just got my MX revolution today for 70$ (retail box) from gittigidiyor(e-bay for turkey) so here are my configs:

    -left button----------------------------------------Click(Left click)
    -right button--------------------------------------Click(Right Click)
    -microgear precision scroll wheel----------------vertical scroll(default settings)
    -microgear precision scroll wheel button--------click(unchangeable)
    -tilt left--------------------------------------------horizontal scroll(both MAX)
    -tilt right------------------------------------------horizontal scroll(both MAX)
    -thumb back button------------------------------Keys(cmd+alt+left arrow)
    -thumb forward button---------------------------Keys(cmd+alt+right arrow)
    -one touch search button------------------------Keys(cmd+w)
    -thumb wheel forward---------------------------Keys(cmd+1)
    -thumb wheel backward-------------------------Keys(cmd+2)
    -thumb wheel button----------------------------Click(Middle mouse button)

    Now since i just got this, this is my first set-up however i am actually REALLY pleased with this. I implore you to take a look.

    The thumb back and forward is for firefox tab switching, i usually read a lot so using only the mouse for this purpose is good 4 global 4 me.

    Thumb wheel forward and backward are one of my favorite buttons, they change the desktops and since i use only 2 ( honestly i think more than 4 is just confusing )

    The middle key takes some getting used to ( hardcore scroll wheel clicker here ) however once you get used to it (especially if youve set up the squeeze for middle mouse button on mighty mouse its a lot easier) it'll be something worthwhile.

    At first i wished that logitech would disable the unchangeable microgear scroll wheel click (from default free scroll to clicky-clacky scroll) But since ive programmed the thumb wheel button for the middle mouse button it became a real charm.

    Hope you like my set-up.

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