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    Question external harddrive transfer speeds
    I just picked up a SimpleTech 500GB external HD. 7200 rpm. Connected it to my new imac using USB port on back. The hard drive has it's own power supply. I have Time Machine backing up my entire computer right now. It's been hooked up for an hour and a half and only 1.75GB have transferred so far. Is it just me, or is this incredibly slow? Any ideas or suggestions? HD does not have firewire. Only USB 2.0.

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    USB even USB2 is so slow and does not work all that well on macs anyway. Try SuperDuper and see what speeds you get there as a comparison and it is a problem no firewire external with a Mac.

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    See if these links help you understand USB vs Firewire better:
    USB 2.0 versus FireWire
    Firewire vs. USB: A Comparison IEEE 1394 IEEE 1394a IEEE 1394b USB1.1 USB2.0 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed-Best Computer Online Store Houston Buy Discount Prices

    Even so, given all the arguments about the two forms of data transfer, 1.75 Gb in 1.5 hours IS slow and is probably attributable to the bridge or chipset used in the external drive enclosure. No easy way around that other than buying a more Mac-friendly external enclosure - with firewire!

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