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    Model Name: MacBook Pro 15"
    Question External Monitor/LCD Purchase Options: What's Best?
    I have a MacBook Pro 15" Intel Core Duo 2GB Ram 667mhz
    I want to buy an external monitor to watch my downloaded movies and tv shows on (between 24" to 42") and to read my comic books on (cbr files). If my avi files are not high def quality (700mb for a film), can I watch them on a high def LCD? What is my best option? I can get an LCD Tv much cheaper than a computer monitor, but will it work with the DVI cable and sound connection? I would like something bigger than 24"-26", but that is my price limit ($500-$700) in terms of monitors. For the same price, I can get a relatively new LCD 32" to even 42". But is this too big for the transfer from my monitor?

    Okay, boy , I know I sound a bit confused, so I need help and advice here. This is a big purchase, particularly in this economy, so what is the best way to go. I have so many movies and TV shows downloaded which I want to watch, but I don't know what is the best choice to get in terms of quality. Also, do you think I might need to upgrade my ram from 2gb to 4gb? Thank you so much for your help!

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    You system doesn't need upgrading at all to run a HD LCD. Ok I have a MBP (17") with 2GB RAM and I always watch TV shows from home on my 40" 1080p HDTV. The files sizes I use vary but in my experience 700mbs are more than watchable and just as enjoyable. I always watch files around 400mb for TV shows and they are great sometime they are 200mb and they look a little grainy.

    Ok the connections, DON'T BUY A TV WITH ONLY DVI CONNECTIONS. This connection is dead in TV world and looks as though it is going out in PC/Apple land too. Get a TV with HDMI and a VGA connection. Then you can use a DVI to VGA connector and another phono cable for sound. It is very simple. The size of the TV is alway the hardest, and you must decide but go for something that is 1080p (they are just future proof). Also don't go for the cheapest brand. I have a Sony LCD and would buy another without thinking but I would buy a Sharp if I had the cash too. The key to finding the best TV is RESEARCH RESEARCH and a little guidance from a non bias friend/internet dude.
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    Umm I would look through this list. At least it's a start.

    As for the ram upgrade you don't really need to since all you are doing is watching movies on it. Although if you are doing other intensive stuff with it then I would totally upgrade to 4GB.

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    its a 24" HiDef monitor with just bout everything....

    this thing performs alot better than other 42" craps...and its ment for desktop/laptop

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    Well, I happen to have a tv with a DVI-D input. It's 4 or 5 yrs old (Sony Wega Trinitron 36"). Anyways, if I want to watch movies/tv shows from my mbpro 4, 1 on my tv, is a male-male DVI-D cable sufficient for the video portion? I know that I need a red/white audio cable coming out of the headphone jack in my mbp for the sound.

    Here's a pic of the dvi input on my tv. 24+1 pin DVI-D
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