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    Wacom Intuos3 + Leopard issue
    (This is the main reason I joined the forum.)

    [s]I'm using a Wacom Intuos3 9x12 graphics tablet with a MacBook with Leopard on it. I've had the laptop since early March of this year, and the tablet for a bit less than that. Up until now, I've had no serious issues (slight bugs, but ones I could fix).
    The tablet is working to a usable degree, but only barely. The mouse-pointer moves far too slow, as if there were no drivers installed. I checked my system preferences to see if they had changed somehow, and, while the Wacom preferences part, in the "Other" section, was still there, the tablet was not showing up. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting it in both USB ports, but no luck. I tried restarting and plugging it in, and still nothing. I removed all Wacom-related files and reinstalled them (from the installation disc), but it just wouldn't work.
    Now I'm quite frustrated, as you can imagine, and I am in dire need of assistance. I'm the most technologically-adept person in my immediate family, and my friends who are better than me with computers are all PC-users, and none of them know much about tablets. So, I'm hoping someone here would be willing and able to help me with this problem.

    I installed a large update (10.5.5) to the OS not too long ago. Could that be related to it somehow?

    Also, this afternoon, I was putting music on my MP3-player (an RCA Lyra) and something happened. Unfortunately, I didn't think to screencap the error message, but it was something to the effect of "You do not have proper privileges to complete this action." Actually, I didn't see that until I after I got a message saying the device was improperly disconnected, which made me look for error messages. It's never happened before, and I haven't had this issue with my tablet until after it happened, so I think it could possibly be related. The songs are DRM-free, too, and some of them copied properly to the MP3-player. I was even able to copy more music after I disconnected and reconnected the device, though not the songs I was previously attempting to transfer. At that point, the tablet was still working fine. It wasn't until I turned my computer back on later in the day that I had the issue.[/s]

    UPDATE: I found a fix on the Wacom site. Thread can be locked, now.

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    I'm stuck in the same boat (exactly the same boat, in fact). What fix did you find? I tried everything in the book to no avail.

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