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    When will they update the Mac Displays?
    I don't know when they were first introduced but they seem to be very overpriced and haven't seen a price reduction yet. Will Apple update them next year to LED backlit displays? I think that'd be a smart move. They have exceptionally great quality from what I've seen but the price still seems a tad high.

    What about a smaller, less expensive display for the Mac mini that's about 15 inches and costs about $200? That'd be a great idea for Apple to do because if you have a mini you will have to plus it into a non-Apple monitor which doesn't support 1280x800 resolutions. Most people would then just say to buy an iMac but some people want this option due to the big screen size of the iMac. I hope they get an update soon.

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    LED backlight would be nice, especially since the MacBook Pro's have them now. A 15" though, not many people go for such small monitors anymore. And being Apple or not has nothing to do with the resolutions that the monitors support. I am sure you can find a monitor that will do 1280x800 if that is what you really want.

    As far as them being overpriced, maybe, but not by much. They are PROFESSIONAL level monitors, not the bargain stuff that you get at Office Depot or even most of the stuff out there on the internet. You can get close to the dot pitch, but the fact that they are AMLCD's is hard to touch. At my old job we NEVER had to color calibrate them, they were always dead on. Never seen that with any other monitor I had worked on.
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    ZOMG!!!!!!! I wrote this yesterday, and they update them today!!!! Nobody even thought/imagined that this would happen today!!!! I looked up topics and the latest people wrote was in 2006 and they thought it would be updated in 2007 but it never happened. What an out of this world semi-prediction! Complete shock and it has everything that people wanted.

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