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Thread: high power USB hub

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    high power USB hub

    I just bought a Flip Video Mino Camcorder, which has a built it battery, and built in USB so it can be plugged directly into a computer. I left it in the Belkin High Speed 2.0 7 port hub all night, and it won't turn on. When I bought this new hub, I noticed it also did not charge my iPod, as my older one had, so that is obviously the problem.

    What hub would be good, AND charge both my new Flip and my iPod (it would not have to be simultaneously, but that would be nice). Also, the Flip, now plugged directly into the iMac, does NOT show up on my desktop like external devices usually do. There was no software with this device.

    I also recently bought a new usb card reader, and it also does NOT show up on the desktop (Verbatim Universal Card Reader).

    My old hub, a D-Link which croaked, I could leave my iPod plugged into, and it worked great, AND did not drain the battery like the Belkin.

    I would appreciate some advice.

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    Give Repair Permissions a try and see if you can get the USB ports back online. Hubs are very unreliable. Also try this Apple Discussions link as there are several suggestions there:-

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    Respectfully disagreeing with Harry, may I suggest the Cyberpower brand. I have four powered hubs, but two are old Kouwell USB 1 (which work very well). The other two are Cyberpower battery-powered and a no-name USB 2 one sold by Eforcity. Both are viewable, the Cyberpower one on this forum (use its name in Search ... May I Introduce) and the other at

    D-Link don't seem to make mains-powered hubs any more.

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