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    Using my 46" LCD for monitor - need help
    I have a black macbook and love it. First Mac and had about 6 months. I enjoy photography as a hobby and have Elements 6 and Lightroom 2. Doing alot of this small detail work on small screen is getting old. So I went out and bought bluetooth mightmouse and keyboard and thought I would hook up macbook to my tv (46" Sony LCD).

    Went to store and bought mini dvi to dvi connector (made by apple). Then got dvi to hdmi cable. Hooked it all up and it worked. Quality really wasnt there and colors was off as well. But main problem was the resolution. I couldnt get correct resolution. I tried every option there was (overscan, etc). I then downloaded some program I think called switchresx. I tried to make a custom resolution of 1366x788 but couldnt get it to work...

    I thought maybe I could connect it with vga, but my pc is hooked up that way and only have on vga on my tv. this might be best way because my tv has an auto setting for computer input and my pc resolution is perfect... so other than litterally getting back there and switching cables from pc to mac, anyone have any other ideas?

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    there is no way to make your macbooks onboard video display the resolution or quality needed for a 46" tv.

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    I'm afraid he's right. The graphics card needed to upcale from computer to a TV that big would have to be atleast a 9800 series. I have trouble hooking up my Macbook Pro up to a 32" Sony LCD and I have a better graphics card too.

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