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    Question Best 1TB SATA Hard Drive?
    I currently have a WD 250MB drive in a Macally enclosure, which works great.

    But the 250MB is just to small for my needs for creating a good backup and giving me some storage space. I'm down to 60GB on my 320GB internal drive already; between my personal files and some for *gasp* XP so we can play games.

    So I am searching for a reliable 1TB SATA drive. I have always had good luck with WD drives. Now I see they offer two flavors Black and Green. Would appear the Black is the better of the two. I find Maxtor a bit cheaper, but the Seagate about the same price range as the WD lines.

    Any comments or resources?

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    Check out this link here.

    List of HDDs that are 1TB and you can look at them and decide for yourself.

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