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    External HDD Problem..
    I purchased a 500GB Seagate External HD over a year ago and used it with my Windows laptop, and then with my Mac Mini and Macbook (after I came to my senses). However in this time I partitioned it to use it as a storage and backup. The problem is that the total capacity is now at 372.6 GB, nowhere close to the ~480GB capacity that it used to have. Is there anyway to recover the lost space or is it just due to age and over-formatting? Thanks!

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    You've probably got unallocated space left over on the drive. (110 Gb) Run disk utility, erase the drive, and start over. You can't lose space from over formatting. More than likely you did not create the partitions correctly. Just make sure that when you erase the drive and click on capacity it shows the correct amount ~480 Gb.


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