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    Partitioning Hard Drive for Backups?
    I have a MacBook that I purchased about 2 years ago and it came with a 100gig (I think) hard drive. Well, recently that one had a "Fatal Error" and crapped up. Wasn't worth sending it to the apple store or warranty stuff (which warranty is currently nonexistant) so I purchased a 320gig Western Digital Hard Drive and installed myself. Also purchased leopard and upgraded; Everything works like a charm.

    I got time machine and it hit me; I've never really used up a lot of space. On my old 100gig harddrive, I had at least 50gigs left because I always delete what is not needed (and also lost a lot of important things). Now, I have 200gigs of open space I won't use.

    Question is; Can I partition my Mac Hard Drive and use the new partition to put my backups from time machine on? Would mac freak out or would it be fine? and also, If I can do this, Can I use boot camp to partition so I don't have to reinstall everything?

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    I don't see the point in backing up a HD onto itself. If it 'crapped up' again you'd be no better off than you were last time.

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    Because, I see more of a chance of me deleting something random that I need than the hard drive doing the same thing it did last time. The harddrive crapped up because it's been having a lot of problems since my son poured Gatorade on my laptop. If that doesn't happen again, then I'm fine.

    So, possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skaheadpunk View Post
    I don't see the point in backing up a HD onto itself.
    there is really no reason to backup onto itself.
    since about 1960 hard drives are a sealed unit so your son can do all the Gatorade he wants and the hd will continue to function. a typical hd has a 3year life time but early failures are extremely common.

    hard drives are extremely inexpensive, go with the flow.

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