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Thread: need help connecting macbook to projector

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    need help connecting macbook to projector
    I have a macbook and am using a mini-dvi to s-video/composite video. I have the audio all worked out and for the projector we were just using (max resolution of 800x600) the composite video output worked.

    However, we just bought a new projector that can project at 720p and the composite video we were using doesn't let the projector display the image at it's full potential. My question is what cables would I need to buy to get the output from my macs mini-dvi to the projector at 720p?

    Here is what the projector can use for input:
    MacŪ+ Analog: up to SXGA (may require a Mac adapter)
    CONNECTOR RGB Input 15-pin HD, D-sub cable (x1)
    Composite Video Input RCA jack (x1)
    S-Video Input Mini-DIN 4-pin (x1)
    Component Video Input VGA DB-15 to HDTV/component cable*
    Control 8-pin mini-Din for RS232

    I'm not exactly sure what all this means and instead of risking buying an adapter that doesn't work, I decided to ask people who are more knowledgeable than I am. Please help me figure out the best way to send a high quality signal to the projector. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Just take the input specs with you to someplace like Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry's, etc and ask for the proper adaptor. You already know your MacBook output is mini DVI. You have a wide choice of inputs to the new projector and depending on what resolution and quality you wish to project at, choose the appropriate cable.

    Certain adaptors are going to be expensive especially if you wish to project in High Definition.


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    I have figured out exactly what I need, so this thread can be closed. Just for anyone else who has been wondering about a solution to this I suggest getting the mini-dvi to VGA adapter and then just a very long VGA cable. I got the adapter for 20 bucks and a 25 foot cable for 10 bucks on amazon.

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