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Thread: MacBook + Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW = :) ?

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    MacBook + Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW = :) ?
    I want to buy this monitor for my white Early-2008 MacBook. Can it be done?

    Apple Cinema Displays are just soooo danged expensive...

    White MacBook - Early-2008 - Base Model

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    Sure, why not? I use a Samsung SyncMaster 220WM as an external monitor when at home. Works great. No need to spend big $$$ on an Apple monitor.


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    There is a reason why it's expensive. They are used for Motion Graphics and are used by Professional Photographers and Graphic Designers.

    If you think 900 bucks is expensive then try looking at the ones that cost 3k. those are the best of best money can buy.

    Of course you don't have to buy those monitors unless you don't really have a need for accurate colors.

    I'd say the Apple Cinema Displays are a bargain for their pricing.

    LaCie has a smilar monitor 24" for around 1k but doesn't look as nice as the Apple Cinema Displays. ^-^

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